Testnet: Get Started

SyncSwap is currently available on zkSync 2.0 Goeril Testnet. You can try it out now!
The testnet product is a demo and is still under heavy development and iterations. Some features may not be completed or not useable.
You can head to our Discord for feedback on any issues, suggestions, or help.

Setting up wallets

Access the Web App

You can access the testnet web app through syncswap.xyz
Please beware of scams and never use other links. It is recommended to bookmark it to be safe.

Guides for using SyncSwap


Trade enables users to instantly swap between any ERC20 tokens for an inexpensive fee.
You can navigate to the Trade page and try it out.


Pool enables users to provide liquidity for any token pairs they desire to earn trading fees.
You can navigate to the Pool page and try it out.

Pools Overview

Pools Overview will display all your liquidity positions, and you can manage them or create new positions.

Add/Increase Liquidity

You can create a new liquidity position or increase your existing positions.

Remove Liquidity

You can remove proportion or all liquidity from your position.


Farm enables liquidity providers and token holders to stake their LP and assets into farming pools to earn boosted incentives.
The farm feature is still under development.