Setting up wallets

Setting up wallets for SyncSwap is super easy because both zkSync 2.0 and SyncSwap are built with the compatibility of Ethereum wallets.
You should be able to access SyncSwap and zkSync 2.0 testnet seamlessly. However, since it is a different network, make sure that your wallet can add new networks.
If you encounter any issues connecting wallets, you can head to our Discord for help. If you intend to install a new wallet, then MetaMask is recommended.

Add zkSync Network

You need to add the network if you haven't interacted with zkSync 2.0 before.
You can add it with one click. Please visit zkSync Portal 2.0 or SyncSwap Testnet and try to connect your wallet. It will suggest you add the network.
If this does not work for you, you will have to add the network yourself. Please reference Connecting Metamask in the zkSync docs.